The IRS is the Illinois Chapter of the American College of Radiology. To be a member of the IRS, you must be a member of the ACR.

Non-physicist members pay an additional $105 annually to be a member of the IRS; to join the CRS is an additional $45 a year, and the CIRS is another $10 annually.

Physicist members pay an a extra $20 a year to join CRS and $10 annually to join CIRS. Dues for allied health professionals to become members of IRS are $25 annually.

More information about membership dues is on the ACR’s web site. Email Merle Hedland or call him at (630) 323-6880 for more information.

Want to become a member of the American College of Radiology? Download an ACR membership application here. The ACR’s main membership page is a starting point to gather information about becoming a member of the ACR and IRS.

Member benefits are many so make sure you are making the most of your ACR membership. The ACR serves its members in a variety of ways, including its efforts in advocacy, economics and health policy, quality and safety, education and clinical research. The ACR provides many direct benefits to members.

As an ACR member, the following are available free or at reduced rates:

  • The monthly ACR Bulletin
  • Professional Self-Evaluation Series – syllabi for CME credit
  • ACR Learning File and other educational programs on CD-ROM
  • Practice accreditation programs in radiation oncology, mammography, ultrasound, stereotactic breast biopsy and MRI
  • Interactive viewbox seminars
  • Resource materials on practice issues, including partnerships and hospital contracts, regulatory compliance manuals, etc.
  • Substantial discounts on ACR publications
  • ACR Professional Bureau – job listing services free of charge to members
  • ACR Appropriateness Criteria
  • ACR Standards
  • Continuous Professional Improvement (CPI) Program for CME credit

Contact the IRS

IRS Office
Bacon-Hedland Management
1240 Iroquois Avenue, Ste. 106
Naperville, IL  60563
Phone: (630) 428-4655
Fax: (630) 428-7700
E-mail: [email protected]

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