ACR Fellowship

ACR Fellowship

One of the highest honors the ACR can bestow on a radiologist, radiation oncologist, nuclear medicine physician or medical physicist is recognition as a Fellow of the American College of Radiology. ACR Fellows demonstrate a history of service to the College, organized radiology, teaching or research. Only approximately 10% of ACR members achieve this distinction.

Generally, the deadline for submitting an application to be considered for ACR Fellowship the following year is March 15. This deadline will allow the IRS Fellowship Committee time to review the completed applications and submit them to the Executive Committee for approval before forwarding the reviewed applications to the ACR. Successful candidates are typically notified in the fall of the application year, and the fellowship degree is conferred during the ACR Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., the following Spring.

The candidates most successful in achieving Fellowship status are those individuals who have been members of ACR for at least 15 years and have been active in organized radiology (or any organized medical specialty group), academics and teaching or medical leadership. All successful candidates are expected to have distinctive accomplishments in one or more of the categories under which nominations are made, such as service to organized radiology (especially ACR), significant scientific contributions to the field of radiology, radiation oncology, or medical physics; and outstanding service as a teacher of radiology, radiation oncology or physics.

IRS members who are interested in applying for Fellowship designation (FACR) may find additional information on the ACR web site, including a downloadable application form, and should submit the completed application to the Illinois Radiological Society Fellowship Committee no later than March 15 of any year. Click here to access the Fellowship section of the ACR web site or visit, click on the “Membership-Member Services” tab on the left side of the web page, and then click on “ACR Fellowship” under the listed categories.

If you are unsure of the date when you joined the ACR, or need additional information, please feel free to call the IRS office at (630) 323-5344 or send an email to me at [email protected].

Thank you for your continued support of the ACR, Illinois Radiological Society and its local chapters.

Kathleen A. Ward, MD, FACR

Chair, Fellowship Committee

ACR Fellows from the Illinois Radiological Society:

  • Ross A Abrams, MD, FACR
  • Anwar Ahmad, MD, FACR
  • Jagan Mohan Ailinani, MD, FACR
  • Joseph P. Alenghat, MD, FACR
  • Thomas MdDowell Anderson, MD, FACR
  • Richard L. Baron, MD, FACR
  • Ben C. Berg JR, MD, FACR
  • Leonard Berlin, MD, FACR
  • Joel R. Bernstein, MD, FACR
  • Raymond Edward Bertino, MD, FACR
  • Jason C. Birnholz, MD, FACR
  • William D. Bloomer, MD, FACR
  • Terry M. Brady, MD, FACR
  • Nancy L. Brown, MD, FACR
  • Michael C. Brunner, MD, FACR
  • Richard E. Buenger, MD, FACR
  • Terrence Joseph Bugno, MD, FACR
  • Sharon E. Byrd, MD, FACR
  • Joseph D. Calandra, MD, FACR
  • Leonid Calenoff, MD, FACR
  • Robert P. Cavallino, MD, FACR
  • James C. Chu, PhD, FACR
  • Manny N. Chudwin, MD, FACR
  • Ki Eun Chung, MD, FACR
  • James J. Conway, MD, FACR
  • William E. Cooley JR, MD, FACR
  • Richard A. Cooper, MD, FACR
  • Arthur R. Crampton, MD, FACR
  • Thomas J. Cusack, MD, FACR
  • Abraham H. Dachman, MD, FACR
  • Ulrich F. Danckers, MD, FACR
  • Terrence C. Demos, MD, FACR
  • Gary l. Dillehay, MD, FACR
  • Paul Dirkse, MD, FACR
  • James S. Donaldson, MD, FACR
  • Robert D. Dooley, MD, FACR
  • Peter E. Doris, MD, FACR
  • Edward Cronly Elliott, MD, FACR
  • Gustavo A. Espinosa, MD, FACR
  • Kate A. Feinstein, MD, FACR
  • Sandra K. Fernbach, MD, FACR
  • Stasia J. Frank, MD, FACR
  • Glenn P. Glasgow, PhD, FACR
  • Richard M. Gore, MD, FACR
  • Thomas H. Grant, DO, FACR
  • Katherine L. Griem, MD, FACR
  • William F. Hartsell, MD, FACR
  • Samuel Hellman, MD, FACR
  • Masoud Hemmati, MD, FACR
  • Ronald W. Hendrix, MD, FACR
  • Robert E. Henkin, MD, FACR
  • Kuhn Hong, MD, FACR
  • Sandra W. Horowitz, MD, FACR
  • Lincoln B. Hubbard, PhD, FACR
  • Michael S. Huckman, MD, FACR
  • James C. Hunt, MD, FACR
  • Joseph P. Imperato, MD, FACR
  • Carl L. Kalbhen, MD, FACR
  • Ponnunni K. Kartha, PhD, FACR
  • Matthew J. Kuhn, MD, FACR
  • G. Richard Locke, MD, FACR
  • Manuel A. Madayag, MD, FACR
  • Marion F. Magalotti, MD, FACR
  • Patrick F. Mahon, MD, FACR
  • John C.McFadden, MD, FACR
  • Jack L. Melamed, MD, FACR
  • Ellen B. Mendelson, MD, FACR
  • Richard N. Messersmith, MD, FACR
  • Richard A. Mintzer, MD, FACR
  • Bharat B. Mittal, MD, FACR
  • Gregory D. Moss, MD, FACR
  • Mir Abbas Mostafavi Rejali, MD, FACR
  • Albert A. Nemcek, Jr., MD, FACR
  • Gillian M. Newstead, MD, FACR
  • Suresh K. Patel, MD, FACR
  • Dushyant V. Patel, MD, FACR
  • David M. Paushter, MD, FACR
  • Roger B. Perry, MD, FACR
  • Jerry P. Petasnick, MD, FACR
  • Theodore J. Pfeffer, MD, FACR
  • Richard L. Phillips, MD, FACR
  • Michael J. Racenstein, MD, FACR
  • Ruth G. Ramsey, MD, FACR
  • Howard J. Rose, DO, FACR
  • Eric J. Russell, MD, FACR
  • V. Amod S. Saxena, MD, FACR
  • William L. Schey, MD, FACR
  • Shahrooz Sepahdari, MD, FACR
  • Jeffrey P. Shafer, MD, FACR
  • William Sherrick, MD, FACR
  • Ramananda M. Shetty, MD, FACR
  • Bruce E. Shevlin, MD, FACR
  • Arnold A. Shkolnik, MD, FACR
  • Bruce Silver, MD, FACR
  • Lester S. Skaggs, PhD, FACR
  • William Small, JR, MD, FACR
  • Claire Smith, MD, FACR
  • Stephen M. Smith, MD, FACR
  • Geoffrey L. Smoron, MD, FACR
  • William G. Spies, MD, FACR
  • W. Ross Stevens, MD, FACR
  • Thomas J. Stoffel, MD, FACR
  • Alan J. Stutz, MD, FACR
  • Kenneth P. Sullivan, MD, FACR
  • Harish V. Thakrar, MD, FACR
  • Richard E. Tobin, MD, FACR
  • David A. Turner, MD, FACR
  • Aruna Vade, MD, FACR
  • Galdino E. Valvassori, MD, FACR
  • Michael Walter Vannier, MD, FACR
  • Robert H. Wagner, MD, FACR
  • Kathleen A. Ward, MD, FACR
  • Evelyn Maureen White, MD, FACR
  • Charles H. Williams, MD, FACR
  • Richard G. Wilson, MD, FACR
  • Judith A. Wolfman, MD, FACR
  • Carter S. Young, DO, FACR
  • Eric C. Zickgraf, PhD, FACR
  • Gary S. Zwicky, MD, FACR

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